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Bang. Bang. You're a Hit!
It's Back ..Punk Rock Hairstyles with Alluring Submissive Bangs. 

by Hair By Lance Lanza

Updated January 2010

Suddenly, it seems overnight the 80s heavy bang one Punk Rock hairstyles is appearing all over high fashion magazines and television. Some of you remember the new    wave era punk princesses such as X's Exene Cervenka and singer/performance artist Lydia Lunch with edge haircuts and chunky, thick bangs. Well, guess what. They're back. Definitely a great look for fall and winter. Today you can come to Lance Lanza's Los Angeles Area Salon to get this color.

Hair Glamour by Lanza chuncky bangs on Blond over blond based hair

Above right: Active Famed Punk Rock Singer Exene Cervenka of X

The good thing is that heavy bangs can give a young schoolgirl look, if not a reform-schoolgirl look. They can hide frown lines better than a temporary and expensive shot of Botox. Also, for those fortunate people who are very slim, with oblong faces, it can give your face a more balanced look.

Left above: Sassy and edgy hair style with Bangs. Hair By Lanza Hair Salon in Los Angeles

Finding the right amount of bangs for you is something you should discuss with your hairdresser. What you need to take into consideration is not only the shape of your face but the texture and thickness of

your hair. Will you only need to blow them out, or will you have to flat-iron them? Will it take too much thickness from the layers and length?

below: famous singer Joan Jett

 Clip your hair back and play around a little bit before booking a beautifying bang makeover. For colors to make a bang of a hit, I suggest dark brown base colors with either auburn or golden brown highlights done medium-chunky.

Another fabulous perk from these new edgy bangs is the attention they will bring to your eyes. Your bold bangs can almost transfix men's gazes into your eyes, a sort of hair aphrodisiac you would buy at the Pleasure Chest of Hollywood! A late 1980s underground movie starring Lydia Lunch best describes this riveting bang trend, "Submit too Me"  really describe How alluring bangs can be if they are done the right way.  

 Right: Active New York underground Singer and Artist Lydia Lunch