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Celebrity Hairstyles 2015

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Hair Glamour by Lanza says: Luscious Loose Curls

  A sexy hair trend  - Curl up and read how to Says Lanza. More



Hair By Lance Lanza

What do you look for when finding a good skin care product .......



Keep Your Hair Color Says Lanza..

Want to maintain the healthy glow it had when you walked out of the salon feeling like Paris Hilton or another beautiful star...more

Let's Talk Texture!

Never blow-dry naked! Pre-dry first, and do it upside-down. I'm talking about your hair, silly. Where's your mind? More!

How to find The Right Hair Stylist


Editorial Reviews: Hair Glamour by Lanza   gives the inside.  More



Get the Jennifer Aniston Hairstyle!

Tell your stylist how to give you that ever-so-popular famous J-An! look. More!...

How To: Reese Witherspoon Look


Ten steps. Actually create the Reese Witherspoon hairstyle on yourself. Or explain it to your stylist. More!...


Jennifer Lopez Tonal Hair Color






Hair Glamour By Lanza Magazine

Haircut Hangover Prevention 

Lanza Client - very curly hairstyle ideas. cut curly hair layers

Prevent a hair headache. Be prepared with hair-saving knowledge .More!...


Just Healthy Hair

Natlie Portman's simply elegant sNatalie Portman Hair Color smooth styleecret!



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Beth Behrs Fabulous Hair On a Waitress Budget!

How you can get this look with out going broke.


Bang. Bang.   You're a Hit!

The 80's bang is back. Get edgy! More!

Oscar Girls 2015  and there hair! Coming soon....

Beauty Editor & Stylist Lance Lanza in Beverly Hills 

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