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Reese Witherspoon
How You Can Get Her Red Carpet Hair

Editorial Review July 2014- Lance Lanza Hair Salon in Los Angeles

Hair  Lanza tell how to copy her golden and vanilla blond highlights of her classic cuts.

1. After you shampoo and condition, cut hair to a length where it just hits the shoulders, by cutting into the hair vertically with half-inch chops, making a jaggedy bottom line.

2. Layer the sides and the back by pulling out at a 90-degree angle (round layers) and cutting into the hair vertically again, but now with 3/4-inch chops. This will make the ends even more textured and flicky. Continue until you are halfway up to the middle of the back of the head.

3. For the upper part of the hair, do the same, but go into each section and cut even deeper, about an inch, to give maximum volume.

4. Bangs are light and piecey. Section a triangle in front about 2 1/2 inches wide, with the point in the back of the triangle section about a half inch deep. After you cut a horizontal line to below the eyebrows, start slithering with a scissors in a vertical direction down the face until you get the right amount of separations and lightness for the look.

5. Use a small squirt of Iso Blowdry lotion, emulsify it in your hands, and apply through the hair like a rake.

6. Drying the hair. Again, using your fingers like a rake, first direct the nozzle of the blow-dryer upward to flick the hair up while you run your hands down thru it. Flip the ends of the hair up while you run your fingers thru it again.

7. Use a medium-sized round brush when doing the top in an over-directed fashion to add maximum fullness.

8. When the hair is dry, section off the last 2 inches of hair on the bottom and sides. Pull the hair out diagonally in quarter-inch sections and, with a razor, chew at the ends about one inch.

9. Take a bit of Funky Chunky pomade from John Frieda and emulsify it in your hands, being careful not to use too much, or it will make the hair greasy. Put head upside down and rake your hand through the hair, starting from the neck, for about a minute. While you do this, pinch and pick up the ends of the hair to create that great texture in this picture.

10. Finish the style right-side up and scrunch, pushing it into place. Put a little hair spray on your fingers and quickly pinch some of the ends of the flip to make it stay and look edgy.

All Reese Witherspoon's  hairstyles are very feminine and are flattering to all.

- Hair by Lanza Los Angeles - Beverly Hills

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