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Let's Talk Texture!

 Tips on How to Build Body

Written from Hair By Lance Lanza
July 14, 2006

1) Never blow-dry naked! Naked hair, that is. Blow-drying hair without styling products is dehydrating to the tresses and prevents the style from lasting all day.

2) Pre-dry first! Blow-drying with styling in mind will take too long if you start when the hair is drenched. Blow it until it's 90% dry before beginning with a round brush.Hair Glamour by Lanza loose ways and textrue client Stacey Maybrey

3) Do it upside down! During pre-drying, flip your head upside down and pull hair forward while drying to give it lift when you are right side up.

4) Use the iron effect! When using a round brush, make sure it has a metal base that will heat up from the blow dryer. This kind of brush works like an iron, bending and straightening the hair to your will.

5) Straightening product is a must! Just as you starch a shirt when you iron to make it last, add a little TCB Blow strait to your hair during drying. The size of a quarter is enough to take out all frizz and add hold.

6) Silicone builds body! Tigi Root Boost is a great tool for adding body and fullness while protecting delicate locks from the ultra-violet rays of the sun.

7) Give life to day-old dirty hair! When there's no time to shower in the morning, flip flat hair over and spritz it with hair spray. Then give it a shot of upside down blow-drying to reinstall volume.

8) Revitalize hair while you sleep! When hopping into your pj's with wet hair, give it a quick pre-dry with the blow dryer, then twist and pin a few sections all over the head to add a spunky wave while you sleep.


9) Ask the salon to spruce up flat locks! Stylist should avoid square, straight layer cutting because it only creates a few flyaways while maintaining an immovable weight to the hair. Beveled, rounded layers terraced all the way from bottom to top, however, will provide movement and sex appeal.

10) Break hair's codependency! This is also a responsibility of your hairstylist during a hair cut. Because hair likes to hang with other hair and not move, the hair should be texturized, or cut at slightly different lengths, to prevent this immobility. Texturizing adds lots of movement and body by making each hair independent.

 (Both PicturesStacey Maybrey Client of Lanza)

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